WagJag Order Fulfillment

With Crowdfunding-Fulfillment.ca Powered by InterFulfillment You Have a Partner That Understands Your Needs

 Advantages of Using CrowFunding-Fulfillment.ca by InterFulfillment as Your WagJag Shipping Partner

Increased profit margins with flat rate shipping discounts.

Friendly dedicated account management and support.

Same day delivery with real-time inventory updates.

Real-time shipping and tracking notifications.

WagJag is a Great Way to Unload Some Stock to Bargain Hunters, But with a Higher Volume of Canadian Orders are You Set Up to Maintain Your Profit Margins?

WagJag is the Canadian equivalent to Groupon and has proven to be every bit as effective when looking to liquidate products or services by offering a great limited time deal to its members. The main difference is a large majority of WagJag orders ship to Canadian addresses. The way it works is when people purchase a WagJag deal, they get a voucher to present to the business offering the deal. So it is safe to say if you offer 500 items you will get 500 Canadian orders via WagJag vouchers immediately.

The silver lining is when you can anticipate how many orders you will get, you can also set up an efficient way to fill those orders. That’s where we come in. We will review your deal offering with you and figure out the best way to get your orders to your Canadian WagJag customers in a way that will save you both time and money. You won’t have to worry about the fact your margins are thinner, because you know you will get a strong shipping discount that won’t cut into them.

You also know the job will be done right. It is important for us to be a part of your success, our business model depends on you coming back with your next big project. That’s why with Crowdfunding-Fulfillment.ca by InterFulfillment you don’t just have a fulfillment company looking to make a quick buck, you have a partner looking out for your best interests.

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