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Save Money on Shipping With Your One-Shot Project Just Like an Established eCommerce Business

Just because your project is a one-shot deal it doesn’t mean you need to lose money paying inflated shipping rates. Many crowdsourced creators do some light market analysis and set a flat rate for shipping to Canada, thinking that by charging a couple of dollars extra, their expenses will be covered. Sadly, this is false. As many eCommerce vendors will tell you, shipping rates to certain addresses in Canada can quickly balloon out of control and have your profit margins shrinking. The only remedy to this is, is to partner with an established Canadian order fulfillment operation like InterFulfillment that has the volume to offer you reduced shipping rates with all the largest Canadian couriers.

Depending on your project volume, you can get a shipping rate discount of as much as 35% off normal rates listed on the courier’s website. A scaling discount like that will allow you the wiggle room to maintain your margins on your Canadian orders. While most fulfillment operations in Canada and the United States view crowdfunded projects as more tedious than what they are worth, we are set up to accommodate them. Projects like yours are a big part of our business and are only becoming more of a factor year after year. Partner with us and see why so many crowdfunded and daily deal vendors are return InterFulfillment customers.

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