Kitting and Assembly Services

Send Us Your products and We Will Hand Kit and Assemble Them for Your Customers Before Shipping

Kitting and Assembly Services Geared for Crowdfunded and Daily Deal Projects

There are numerous reasons why a crowdsourced creator would entrust a fulfillment company with the kitting and assembly of their products. Because most crowdfunded projects feature tier-based contributions there are often many different kit combinations that need to be sent out to each individual backer depending on how much they have contributed. Needless to say, this can be a huge headache for vendors. Completing intricate kitting and assembly operations like that without proper protocols and technology in place can be a nightmare. If you want to make sure your Canadian backers get what they are expecting when their order goes out, you have come to the right place.

Our facility is perfectly equipped to handle logistics that involve complex kitting and assembly operations. It all starts with our staff, which fully understand the difference between typical order fulfillment and fulfillment that involves kitting and assembly. A warehouse supervisor will be assigned to your project as a virtual eye-in-the-sky to double check each and every order to make sure we maintain near flawless accuracy. Not only are our kitting and assembly services affordable but they are ideal for anyone looking for a one-shot logistics solution that is more complex than typical order fulfillment.

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