Picking and Packing Services

Not Just Fulfillment, We Can Handle Your Picking and Packing Needs with Accuracy

Let Us Do All the Picking and Packing for Your and You Will Save Time and Money

That’s right, you will save both time and money leaving the picking and packing to us. All you have to do is tell your dedicated account manager how you would like your products packed and we will do the rest. We will make sure the task gets done to your exact specifications every time. We have the experience and know-how to handle hand picking and packing to perfection ensuring your customers get exactly what they are expecting. This will allow you to save money on shipping and storage and focus on what you do best, making more sales.

The difference between us and other fulfillment operations is that we speak your language. We know that crowdfunded products deserve the same respect as any other eCommerce product. Crowdsourced project are a major part of the eCommerce economy and we have welcomed creators with open arms, building strong partnerships with some of the most successful people in the industry.

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An Overview of How Our Picking and Packing Services Work

We will consult with you and do a full cost analysis with you in regards to your project. You will be able to get an overview of what the picking and packing costs of your project will be prior to partnering with us. We will go over every detail of your project with you and explain how he will handle every aspect of it.

Once our agreement is finalized and in place, your account manager will meet with our warehouse management team and review all the specifications of your project to ensure everything gets done the way you want it. All your items will be organized in our state-of-the-art facility in the most efficient method possible.

Everything is in place and we are ready to start shipping on your behalf. Soon as your orders come in, our warehouse crew is ready to spring into action and fill your orders seamlessly, no matter the volume. You and your customers will have all the benefits of same day shipping and real-time tracking information.

Finally, you can rest easy. Knowing your picking and packing is done by knowledgable professionals with the right systems and protocols in place to handle everything from fluctuating order volume to changes in your operations. You can go back to focusing on your innovative crowdfunding project knowing you’re in good hands.

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