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Indiegogo Features Some of the Most Enthusiastic Backer Members in the World, We can Help You Get Your Products to Them Faster Than Ever

Indiegogo is one of the first major crowdfunding websites ever founded. It should come as no surprise that it is as big a part of the crowdfunding marketplace and often draws comparisons to Kickstarter. Once you have reached the backing to manufacture your innovative product, you then have to take the next step, which is getting it into the hands of your loyal backers.

Crowdfunding consumers have come to expect delays when they decide to back a products and can be very understanding when it comes to waiting. That being said, nothing agitates a customer more than reading about customers in other regions getting their shipment before they did. This can cause quite the litany of negative comments and slander online. Since Indiegogo is international and accepts a wider variety of projects than other site, the logistics of getting your product in the hands of the end user can be more tedious than you may think.

The good news is, we have the order fulfillment in Canada covered for you. Because of issues with population density, shipping across Canada without the knowledge you need can be a disaster. Before you know it, the cost of shipping can balloon out of control. We can help. We will provide you a shipping discount to make sure you get the most affordable rates possible with all major Canadian couriers. Also we will provide you with a dedicated account manager that will stay on top of your project until the job is done and make sure your Canadian backers get their products faster than you ever thought possible. And best of all, we will grant you the peace of mind to rest easy and work on your next innovation.

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