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You Have Succeeded Selling Out Your Groupon Offer, Now We Can Help You Get Your Products to Your Customers Quickly and Efficiently So You Can Focus On Your Next Great Offer

To be a successful Groupon vendor you need two things. A product that everyone wants to save money on and a way to get your products to your customers without cutting into your margins. For Groupon vendors the later can be a real challenge and they may be stuck doing a lot of the work themselves for very little reward. This is not the case for our customers. We understand the challenges that Groupon vendors face each and every project and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are as successful shipping your products as you are selling them.

While other fulfillment operations don’t have the know-how or will to work with you, by InterFulfillment welcomes the challenge. Getting the right volume based shipping rate discount is crucial in the Canadian market which features some of the largest fluctuating rates from address to address. Consult with us and we will work with you to analyze your project and find the best possible way for you to save money and serve your Groupon customers more quickly than ever. Our goal is to build a partnership like we have with so many of the most well-known Groupon vendors all over the world, and become your go-to partner for Canadian Order Fulfillment.

You have nothing to lose, give us a try and see why so many vendors just like you turn to us over and over again, when they need their Canadian shipping done right, quickly and efficiently.

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