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Backed by over 10 years of experience, we are established as Canada’s most flexible eCommerce fulfillment solution. We believe that whether your project is crowdfunded, a daily deal offer or even an event, you should be able to enjoy the same great advantages that other eCommerce businesses enjoy when it comes to fulfillment.
Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Everyone know that shipping in Canada can be a very costly task, particularly in remote areas. The good news is that we have high level discounts with every major Canadian courier. We will analyze your needs and choose the right one for you project. This will ensure that Canadian shipping costs will be lower and that they won’t cut into your profits.
Picking and Packing

Picking and Packing

You have options when it comes to how your products are shipped to your clients. You can send us your packages pre-packed and ready to ship or we can do the picking and packing for you. We have experience with even the most complex procedures and have the right warehouse systems and protocols in place to get the job done right.
Kitting and Assembly

Kitting and Assembly

Do your packages require kitting and assembly prior to being shipped? No problem. We can get the job done and save you time and money in the process. Your dedicated account manager has direct access to our warehouse management team, ensuring that your packages and products will be kitted and assembled to your exact specifications.

Our partnership with InterFulfillment is a successful one because of their attention to detail, and because with our dedicated account manager, the lines of communication are always open and available.

Bert Pelascini

We know project based fulfillment.

We have provided fulfillment services for pretty much every major crowdfunded and daily deal website and are the trusted fulfillment partner for some of the biggest events of the world. Our goal is to enable project based fulfillment vendors to get the same great fulfillment operation benefits as other eCommerce businesses.

Why settle for a company that doesn’t understand your crowdfunded or daily deal fulfillment needs?

  • Reduced shipping rates with major Canadian Carriers
  • A Dedicated Account Manager with a Responsive Team
  • Attention to Picking and Packing Details
  • Same Day Shipping on All Orders Received by Noon EST
  • Realible Kitting and Assembly
  • World-Class Friendly Customer Service
  • Tracking Number Directly to Your Clients in Real-Time
  • Secure Warehousing
  • Volume Based Scalable Rates
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